The Best Weather Themed Activities for Preschool

The Best Weather Themed Activities for Preschool

With Spring right around the corner, it's time weather week in my preschool classroom! I try to do this theme when I know it will be be a rainy week, which is about as much weather as we get in Southern California. So grab your raincoat and umbrella (figuratively, of course!) and let's talk about the weather!

Here's what we are focusing on this week:

  • Letter: Rr
  • Color: Review
  • Shape: Review
  • Numbers: 1-20

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The BEST weather preschool centers


Weather themed story time recommendations:

  • All About Weather By: Huda Harajli
  • The Meteorologist in Me By: Brittney Shipp
  • Little Raindrop By: IglooBooks
  • Maisy's Wonderful Weather Book By: Lucy Cousins
  • Raindrops to Rainbow By: John Micklos

Weather PreK Activities Day 1:

  • Weather Report: Students can fill out the weather report each day to observe and record the weather! Then work on math skills by filling in each thermometer. (BW and color options have been provided for the thermometers)
PreK Weather Report
  • What's The Weather?: Set up an open-ended center with these weather mats. Students can create the weather of their choice by adding a weather card to their mat and using loose parts of your choice such as play dough and mini erasers!


Weather PreK Activities Day 2:

  • Weather Forecast: Students can work on patterns and matching skills to create a 5-day forecast. 18 forecast cards have been provided to choose from.


  • Weather Name Craft: Students can trace their name on the cloud, then cut and paste sun rays to spell their name. You can easily edit each name onto the craft via the PowerPoint included or use the blank template to write your own. (BW and color options of the craft have been provided)

Weather Name craft Preschool  

Weather PreK Activities Day 3:

  • Dress for the Weather: Students can dress up their mat with appropriate clothing for each type of weather. Boy and girl mats have been provided (2 skin tones for each gender).

Dress for the weather preschool activity 

  • Cloud Shapes: This no prep craft is perfect for working on shapes. Students can glue cotton balls to the clouds to create each shape. Shapes: Heart, triangle, circle, square. (BW and colors options have been provided for this craft)

 Weather Craft preschool

Weather PreK Activities Day 4:

  • Weather Count: Students love this weather themed math center! Choose from a 1-10 counting mat or 1-20 counting mat. Students can use loose parts, such as mini erasers to count and graph weather items.

 Weather Math center prek

Weather math center preschool

  • Weather Cut and Paste: This fine motor center is perfect for working on scissor skills! Students can cut and paste raindrops, lightning, and snow to the craft pages! (BW and color options have been provided)

cut and paste weather craft

Rain craft preschool

Weather PreK Activities Day 5:

  • Rainbow Rain: Set up a sensory bin of your choice and add in the color raindrops! Students can work on color recognition skills by filling the Rainbow Rain sheets with dot markers or stickers. (BW and color options of the Rainbow Rain sheet only provided)

weather sensory bin 

Weather Preschool Color Sensory Bin

  • Rr is for: Focus on learning the letter "Rr" with these no-prep tracing pages. R is for Rain and R is for Rainbow provided. Lowercase and uppercase options provided. (BW and color options provide of each craft)



Now It's Your Turn!

Are you excited to start setting up your own weather preschool centers? Don't worry, all of these weather printables are all in one place! 


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