Teaching the 5 Senses: Sight

Teaching the 5 Senses: Sight

It is day four of my 5 Senses Week and today we are learning about the sense of sight! If you have been following along you know that I like to teach each of the 5 senses individually. 

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5 Senses Read Aloud Books

I started our day with reading Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? If you don't already have this one in your personal library, this is your sign to get it! I have yet to meet a toddler who doesn't love this book!

But it is also perfect for learning about the sense of sight because literally every page asks the question "what do you see?"

Every time the word "see" came up, I had the children point to their eyes to reinforce the idea of seeing with our eyes! 

Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?

Look And Find Color Sort

In comparison to the rest of the 5 senses days, this one is a little more "low key." Which lets be honest, after our jello taste test, and the slime that was found in the touch sensory bin, I am relieved to have more mellow activities today. 

To learn about the sense of sight we did a simple color sorting activity. I set up a "I See With My Eyes" station with color sorting mats and ripped up colored paper.


I asked the kids what color they wanted to sort and gave them that colored "look and find" mat. Then they looked through all the ripped paper to find the matching color and glued it to the 10 frame. If you want to do this over and over, just laminate the mat instead and don't use any glue.

I see with my eyes color sorting station


E is For Eyes

Every week we focus on one letter of the alphabet and this week the letter is "Ee." This was perfect because obviously "eyes" start with the letter "e."

I printed the letter "Ee" craft template and set out a bunch of googly eyes. Students then just glued the eyes to the letter "E" craft page! 

This was so easy for me to set up but the kids love it! 

E is for Eyes Craft

5 Senses Week

Check out my five senses printable activity pack for your preschool classroom! This themed unit includes 5 days of hands-on, engaging activities that focus on each sense. Children will learn about touch, taste through sensory bins, crafts, discovery centers and more! 

5 Senses Week

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