How To Do An Easter Egg Hunt With Toddlers

How To Do An Easter Egg Hunt With Toddlers

Are you looking for a fun Easter egg hunt idea that the kids can do themselves? Toddlers love to do things all on their own, so why not give them the opportunity to hide their own eggs? Here is how I did an Easter Egg hunt inside my tiny preschool classroom with toddlers!

Step 1: Easter Baskets Crafts

We started by making our own Easter Baskets. This really helped the kids get excited for our egg hunt later in the day since we talked about all the eggs were we going to find while doing our craft!

Easter Bunny Crafts For Toddlers

I printed these bunny templates for the kids to cut and paste onto a brown paper bag. This template was great because it also has editable carrots so we could spell each name add it to the basket!


For the younger kiddos, I cut the items for them and let them simply glue the items to the bag, while the older kids were able to cut out each item and work on those scissor skills!


Easter Basket Craft Example for Toddlers


I always create an example for the kids to follow, but let them glue the craft however they want! Personally, I think their bunnies turned out way better than mine! 


Easter Basket Crafts for Kids

Once everything is glued and ready to go, I added the handles to the paper bag by stapling the strips to each side.

Step 2: Hide the Easter Eggs

You'll want to stock up on those cheap, plastic Easter eggs from the Dollar Tree. The more you have, the longer the egg hunt will last! 

Kids Sitting and Waiting for an Easter Egg Hunt

Toddlers love to do things for themselves. Letting them hide their own eggs will make them feel like they are doing something special. I had all the kids sit in our cozy corner and we picked one kid at a time to hide all the Easter Eggs around the room. 

Kids Hiding Easter Eggs

Most of the eggs ended up dumped middle of the floor, but some of the toddlers did get creative and hid them in the play kitchen, the sensory bin, under the table, etc.

Toddler Hiding Easter Eggs

Step 3: Hunt for Easter Eggs

Now I literally just let the kids loose in the classroom to find all the Easter eggs. It is chaos, but I love that! They had so much fun filling up their homemade Easter baskets with all the eggs that they can find!

Toddler easter egg hunt

Step 4: Do it All Over Again!

Once all the Easter Eggs are found, I gather the kids back to the cozy corner, collected the eggs in a large basket and give it to the next toddler to hide.

If I am being honest those toddlers would have done this ALL DAY long if I let them. They never got tired of hiding or hunting for the eggs! If you need to get those wiggles out but can't go outside, I would highly suggest doing an indoor Easter Egg hunt!

If you want to build an Easter Basket with your littles, here is the template that I used!

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