Bunny Workshop (Easter Dramatic Play)

Bunny Workshop (Easter Dramatic Play)

Are you looking for an Easter dramatic play to set up in your preschool or kinder classroom? This year I set up a Bunny Workshop in my pretend play area and the kids had a blast playing Easter bunny and filling up baskets! 

easter dramatic play

All you need to do to get started is download my Easter Week bundle and visit the Dollar store (my favorite place if you are new here) to pick up some cute baskets and fillers. 

Setting up my Easter Dramatic Play 

I set up several different stations in my Bunny Workshop. You could do all of these or just pick and choose which ones you think would work best for your kids and classroom. 

easter dramatic play

First I set up my market stand by sorting the plastic eggs by color and filling up buckets with the different fillers- candy, fake grass, etc. If you don’t have a market stand, you could use a table or bookshelf and baskets. 

easter dramatic play

On a small table, I created a “Basket Build” station where they could organize and put together their baskets.

easter dramatic play

The Egg Fill-Up station was quite the hit. I added a bowl of jelly beans (could always use pom poms or other small manipulatives instead) and a spoon so they could scoop them into their eggs. 

easter dramatic play

I laminated both the Egg Order Form and the Basket Order Form so we could reuse them next year. On a separate table, I made a Note Station where they could draw a picture or write a note to whoever they were making the basket for. 

easter dramatic play

Easter Dramatic Play In Action

My little learners LOVED getting to pretend to be the Easter Bunny and make baskets for their friends and family members. 

easter dramatic play

When it came to circle the items on the basket order form, not surprisingly, they wanted it ALL! It was so fun listening to their little conversations and seeing them be creative when putting together their baskets. 

easter dramatic play

The Egg Fill station ended up being the biggest hit. They loved scooping the jelly beans into their eggs! 

Skills We Practiced 

Not only is this dramatic play adorable, but it gives kids a chance to practice so many important skills all while having fun! 

  • We practiced sorting by color with the eggs.
  • We practiced counting using our checklist to count how many eggs they wanted.
  • Filling and pouring the jelly beans into the eggs was great fine motor and measurement practice. 

Extending the Easter Dramatic Play 

Once your little ones are engaged in filling the plastic eggs with different objects, you can extend the play by leading into the float and sink activity (also included in the Easter Week bundle).

For this activity, I set up a sorting tray with different materials. Some that I used were pom-poms, coins, and peeps.

easter dramatic play

The kids LOVED filling the plastic egg with one of the objects and then dropping it into a tub of water to see if the egg would float or sink. Then we sorted pictures of the objects on our bulletin board based on which ones sunk or floated. 

easter dramatic play

If you enjoyed these ideas and are looking for more crafts, books, or activity ideas for the weeks leading up to Easter, check out my Easter Week lesson plans on TPT. Each of my themed lesson plan bundles includes five days' worth of book recommendations, hands-on activities, and more. 

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