Pond Life Pre-K Center Ideas

Pond Life Pre-K Center Ideas

Spring is in the air and what better theme for spring than Life on the Pond?! For the next few weeks, we will be learning all about the animals that call the pond their habitat. Of course, since we are working with preschoolers, this includes lots of PLAY! Today I am sharing two fun Pre-K centers from my Pond Week Lesson Plans that will have your kids engaged and ready to learn. 

pond life prek center ideas

On the Pond Pre-K Center


pond life prek center


Setting Up the Pond Center 

First, I printed and laminated real-life photos of the pond habitat and animals. The kids loved looking through the photographs while they made their own ponds. Next, I printed and laminated the pond mats (also included in my lesson plans), so they could be used as play-doh mats. 


pond life prek center


Then, I gathered my materials:

  • Blue Play Dough
  • My Trusty Sorting Tray 
  • Toy Frogs
  • Toy Ducks
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Toy Bugs
  • Rocks
  • Fish Mini Erasers 

Pre-K Pond Center in Action

As you probably guessed, we rolled out the blue play dough to create our ponds on the mats. Each mat has a different cue (build a beaver dam, add frogs to the pond, etc) to help prompt their play and creativity. 


pond prek center


My little learners LOVED creating their own pond habitats on the mats, and I loved watching their little imaginations as they worked hard on their own little worlds. 


pond prek center


This hands-on activity sparked lots of great conversations as they played and compared their pond scenes to real-life photographs. 

Frogs on a Log


frog color sorting center for prek


Setting up the Frogs on a Log Sorting Center

To set up this center, I gathered play dough, colored pom-poms (the “frogs”), and printed off the pattern cards from the Pond Life lesson plans


frog color pattern making preschool center


I put the pom-poms in my trusty sorting tray (probably the most used item in my classroom), and set out the play dough to make our logs! 

“Frogs on a Log” in Action

I showed my little learners how to roll out the playdoh and make little seats for the frogs with their fingers. This is great for those fine motor skills! 

preschool pond life patterns center

Then they chose a pattern card from the stack and recreated it on their log. There are several different pattern variations, and depending on your little one's skill levels you can pick and choose which ones to use. 

This activity touches on so many different skills: fine motor, color recognition, sorting, and patterns! 

More Pond Life Fun

Looking for more pond activities for your preschoolers? My Pond Life lesson plans have five days' worth of book recommendations, hands-on activities, and crafts! 

And if you are looking for any of the materials I have used in these centers, I added all of my items to my Amazon Storefront

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