Pets Theme Book Ideas for Preschool

Pets Theme Book Ideas for Preschool

I love doing a weekly theme in the classroom for my preschool learners! This week our theme is pets! We will be doing a ton of hands-on activities, crafts and of course a pet shop dramatic play area! But before we get to all of that I always make sure to stop at my local library to pick up all the books I need for the week. If you are buying books for your classroom every week STOP! Head to your local library, I promise they have everything you need.

When I stopped at the library this week my only issue was getting a book bag big enough to fit all off the fun read- aloud finds! There were so many pet themed books I could not choose and grabbed them all! We are constantly reading new stories for circle time, quiet time, and after nap time, so I knew the kids were going to be excited when I walked in with this huge stack of pet themed books!

Here are my favorite books about pets to read with your preschoolers!

Can I Be Your Dog by Troy Cummings

Can I be your dog book for kids

This heartwarming story follows a dog named Arfy trying to find a home. Arfy writes letters to different people in the community trying to find the right home but gets rejected over and over until he finally gets the letter that he’s been waiting for to find his forever home!

Cats Are A Liquid by Rebecca Donnelly

This book will have all your kids laughing! While cats might not actually be liquid, it does show just how silly cats are! Plus, at the end of the book it includes a fun science activity!

100 Dogs by Michael Whaite

100 dogs book for kids

This is a book I grabbed for after nap time or quiet time. It has adorable illustrations of 100 different dogs, and we love looking at each of the different qualities of the dogs like tall, hairy, and snappy! I promise your kids will love flipping through the pages and seeing all the pups included!

Pick A Pet Gus by Jacklyn Williams

This book is meant for early readers, but I grabbed it to read during circle time! This story follows Gus as he tries to find the right pet to take home!

Not Norman A Goldfish Story by Kelly Bennett

A goldfish pet story for preschool

Not all pets are a dog or cat. The little boy in the story was bummed about getting goldfish for a pet, but by the  end realizes how much he loves having his fish as a friend!

Dog’s Colorful Day by Emma Dodd

This adorable story is a perfect for you to create activities to go with it! You can work on learning numbers and colors with this fun pet story!

The Pigeon Wants a Puppy by Mo Willems

To be honest this is not my favorite book, but my kids love all the Pigeon stories, so I grabbed it. I do not love that the Pigeon yells over and over how much they want a puppy and then doesn’t like it once the puppy comes. But when I read it aloud, we use silly voices instead of demanding ones and we all giggle and talk about how much work puppies are.

Hooray For Birds By Lucy Cousin

Bird book for kids

While this book does not focus solely on pets, I did love all the visuals of birds. This is a great book to talk about all the different types of birds there are and how some are pets, and some are wild.

A Pet for Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold

Fly guy pet book for kids

This is another book I grabbed for circle time! It is a fun and silly story about a fly trying to find a pet (when he’s already the pet Buzz) In the end Buzz and Fly guy are happy being pets for each other since they both bring one another joy.

Found Dogs by Erica Sirotich

This story is a great way to introduce the concept of pet adoption to kids. Plus, you can work on counting too! A must for a pet theme week!

Stock Your Classroom Library:

While I highly suggest you save money and head to your local library, sometimes that is not possible, or you might want to buy it to keep! I have gathered all the books for you on Amazon to make it easy for you to grab the books you need!

Grab all the pet themed books on amazon here.

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases 


Looking for more Ideas for Your Pet Week?

Now that your classroom library is ready for pet week it is time to get lesson planning! Don’t worry, I have everything you need for a fun filled week of pet themed learning for your preschool learners! Check out my full week of pet themed printable activities here:

Pet Week Preschool Printable Activities

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