Easy Summer Crafts to Have On Hand

Easy Summer Crafts to Have On Hand

Sweet summertime is here! Whether you are teaching this summer or just looking for activities to do with your kiddos at home, I have three ideas to keep on hand for a quick summer-themed craft. 

easy summer crafts pin 

Sand Sculpture Shapes

This first idea isn’t just a fun craft, but an excellent opportunity to review the shapes they have learned all year. 

preschool sand art

First, gather your materials: 

  • Printed sand sculpture pages (found in Beach Week Lesson Plans)
  • Liquid glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Bowls and spoons
  • Sand (I found colored sand but any works)

Then, put liquid glue in one bowl with the paintbrush, and sand and spoon in the other. Or as you can see I used my Tivi trays for this. These are great for keeping each kid's materials in one spot.

preschool sand art

Littles will use one of my favorite preschool hacks- applying glue with a paintbrush! I am all about this mess-free way to use liquid glue.

They first spread the glue on the shape and then use the spoon to sprinkle the sand onto the page. When it comes to sand and preschoolers- less is more! Only give them a little bit at a time. 

preschool sand art

Shake off the excess sand as you go to reveal the shape! This craft is such a fun way to bring the beach indoors, review shapes, and work on those pre-handwriting skills. 

Paper Tear Crafts 

This is a great activity to print at the beginning of summer to be able to pull out whenever the need arises!

preschool paper tear craft

This craft is as simple as they come. All you need to do is print the paper tear sheets from the Beach Week Lesson Plans, and give your littles some construction paper and glue! 

preschool paper tear craft

Whenever we have downtime, I love to pull out these sheets and colored paper. Little learners use their fine motor skills to tear the paper into small pieces and glue them onto the paper to create their pretty craft.  

Dot Marker Crafts 

Do you have bingo markers in your classroom or playroom art stash? If not, you need to get some! These things come in handy more than you would think and are great to reach for in a pinch. 

preschool dot marker

To set this one up you just print a dot marker page from my Bingo Dot Marker set on TPT which has 30 pages of dot maker crafts (10 designs in 3 different options) and hand your little one a bingo marker! 

Yes, it really is that simple. In the mood for crafts but don’t have the energy for a big cleanup? This is your activity! Mess-free and my littles love showing off their artwork. 

Looking for some beach-themed activities this summer? My Beach Week Lesson Plans on TPT have 5 days worth of book recommendations, crafts, and more!

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