Pumpkin Preschool Activities Weekly Curriculum


Pumpkin themed printable curriculum for your preschool classroom! Dive into a fun-filled learning with these Pumpkin preK centers that spans 5 days of engaging and hands-on activities. This set is packed with a pumpkin discovery STEM center, pumpkin sensory bins, crafts, fine motor centers, math centers, literacy activities and so much more!

Perfect for preschool classrooms, homeschool teaching, and childcare settings, this Pumpkin Themed Printable Activity Pack takes the stress out of prepping new activities! With easy-to-follow instructions, these printable resources have everything you need to effortlessly integrate these centers into your lessons.

Focuses For The Week:

  • Letter: Pp
  • Color: Orange
  • Shape: Square
  • Numbers: 1-10

Daily Break Down:

 ⭐ Day 1:

  • Pumpkin Discovery STEM center:
    • Parts of a Pumpkin: Real image poster, steps of opening a pumpkin poster, real image parts of a pumpkin sorting cards (seeds, pulp, strands, skin, stem)
    • How tall is the pumpkin: Use counting cubes to measure the height. Recording sheet included.
    • How wide is the pumpkin: Use linking chains to meager the width. Recording sheet included.
    • Sink or Float: Prediction/ observation recording sheet included.
    • Pumpkin observations: Recording sheet included.
  • Pumpkin Tracing: 10 Pumpkin tracing sheets included.

⭐ Day 2: 

  • Pumpkin Life Cycle:
    • Real image pumpkin life cycle poster included
    • Real image pumpkin life cycle craft (seed, sprout, flower, green pumpkin, pumpkin, rotting pumpkin)
    • Pumpkin life cycle crown craft (Seed, sprout, flower, pumpkin) BW and Color included for the crown craft. 
  • Pumpkin stamping: students can focus on the color orange by using mini pumpkins to stamp on the craft sheet. Then they can trace the word "orange" on the craft page.
    • BW and color options provided
    • Want a less messy option? I have provided cut and paste pumpkins!

⭐ Day 3:

  • Pick a Pumpkin (Alphabet): Easily set up a pumpkin themed sensory bin for students to find and sort each letter of the alphabet. Uppercase and Lowercase pumpkins have been provided.
  • P is for Pumpkin mini book: Students can learn about the letter "P" with this easy to assemble mini book! Each pumpkin has an image of an item that begins with "P". Students can color the "P" item and trace the word.
    • P is for: pumpkin, pretzel, pig popcorn, plane, pizza, pencil, pear, penguin, paint, pickle, and pie.

⭐ Day 4:

  • Pick a Pumpkin Sizes: Easily set up a pumpkin themed sensory bin for students to sort small, medium and large pumpkins.
    • Two sorting options provided: a large mat and 3 small sorting mats.
  • Pumpkins Shapes Craft: Students can cut and paste pumpkin shapes to the pumpkin patch craft page.
    • Square Pumpkin page provided to focus on the shape on the week.
    • Pumpkin shapes included: square, circle, triangle, star, oval, rectangle, heart, pentagon.
    • BW and color craft options provided.

⭐ Day 5:

  • Build a Pumpkin Dough Mats: Set up a sorting tray with pumpkin themed loose parts! Students can pick 3 counting cards to add to their mat and build a pumpkin.
  • Decorate the Pumpkin: 10 Pattern block pages included.


Included For Each Day:

  • Book recommendation
  • Instructions with photos of each activity
  • Weekly Plan (Editable PowerPoint Included)
  • Daily Binder Covers for easy organization
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Pumpkin Preschool Activities Weekly Curriculum


Teacher Testimonials


These are super easy to prep and they are great at keeping my kiddos engaged. I can pull them out quick and they are able to work on them independently.

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I teach a mixed group during part of the day so I need something that would accommodate all ages and I have done the first and the kids absolutely loved it and can’t wait to complete the rest of the weeks and keep for next year. Thank you so much"

Jacqueline S.
TPT Review


LOVE this resource. I use it daily with my SPED K-2 kids. Super hands on, colorful, engaging and straightforward. Looking forward to buying more activities centers and task cards soon!

Taryn L.
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